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Week 51: What I’ve been playing

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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD:

Finally started this game! I left it for a while since I haven’t finished A Link Between Worlds yet since my brother’s been using the US 3DS. I was not terribly impressed with Skyward Sword either but Wind Waker was unexpectedly fun!

Unlike Skyward Sword, this game feels much much bigger and more to explore. The game does not remind me what the red rupees are worth every play session (unless you get it from a chest), and the dungeons and puzzles are more complex. So far I’ve been loving every part of the game despite how much I bitched about baba buds :D Yeah, the 2nd dungeon is full of them x leaf floaty parachute item so I learned to deal with it.

The night time auction house was unexpected. Is it meant to count as a mini game?

Child of Light:

I think it’s probably one of the few games I finished this year :O The ending was unexpected.
I noticed they renamed “Normal” difficulty to “Casual”. I started the game on “Normal” and the last two bosses weren’t hard at all so I guess I did casually beat them.


Shubf got this for me when it appeared on Humble Bundle. It’s hard :’D You can choose to set your game to infinite lives so that’s what we did. No idea how long this would’ve taken if you didn’t because the maps are HUGE in this game and the enemies can be quite strong.

Super Smash Bros Wii U:

All my friends are overseas right now so I haven’t really played much. I tried out the Animal Crossing Villager and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with him as main since he’s got a rocket car and projectiles which is not unlike Jin (´艸`).


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Stuff that happened in 2014

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  • Went to Melbourne
  • Went to Sydney
  • Went to Brisbane / Gold Coast x2 x3
  • Went to Wellington
  • Bought a car
  • Got in a minor traffic accident x2
  • Got engaged
  • Survived work instability
  • Got a PS4
  • Got a Wii U
  • Bought less than 5 games (physical copies)
  • I have no idea how many games I bought digitally (´艸`)

This year was pretty OK ☆

Looking forward to 2015! Happy holidays everyone!


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Week 35: What I’ve been playing (Still alive 2014 edition)

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Work just KO-ed me with projects and I forgot I had a blog.

Did many hours of overtime and I was gifted a PS4 that came with Knack and Need for Speed.

Went to visit my bf for a break then bought the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle which came with a dancing game.

Shitty free games were shit so sold off Knack, Need for Speed, and dancing games. Actually got back $58 for them(?!).

Guild Wars 2 killed my graphics card because it’d rather die than render dust storms.

Mario Kart 8:

Is actually pretty good! So far I’ve completed 50 and 100 CC with 3 stars for every cup. I wish there was an option to put the map on the screen (I don’t think you can?). Looking down onto the tablet then looking back to the screen takes too long and can easily cost you 1st place in a race… Really looking forward to the “DLC” coming later this year. Quite neat how it’ll only cost $20 for another 50% of the game :D


… The new Silent Hill(s) demo.
Ok, so I didn’t actually play it but I was there when it was being played…
We had the lights off and surround sound up…
You’d be surprised how scary a looping hallway can be.
I would like to get this game, but I’m not sure about playing it…
I hope Akira Yamaoka does the sound track for this.

tldr: Got a PS4, Wii U, PC died, games are fun.

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Week 19: What I’ve been playing

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Dark Souls 2:

It was my bday! (Unfortunately I was swamped with work, nothing to write about).
And my brother gifted me a Collector Edition of Dark Souls 2…
I have no idea what to do with the figure…

I like watching Dark Souls. However playing it is a different matter…
I was prepared to die (har har) but I did not really expect my first three deaths to be from slipping into deep water and insta-dying BECAUSE I DROWNED.


And after five minutes I returned…
.. to die a few more times to low level mobs that weren’t particularly hard.

Also: Spent one hour on character creation to make sure my character was super kawaii only to die within minutes of starting the game and respawning as a hollow with pastel pink hair.

Child of Light:

It’s a beautiful game. It’s only $15, it’s ten chapters long.

Child of Light

Child of Light

Animal Crossing New Leaf:

These past two weeks have been full of exhausting 10 – 12 hour days at work and sometimes I just want to spend an hour on Animal Crossing doing nothing but pulling weeds out of the ground.
Dark Souls 2, Child of Light, Animal Crossing…
… Am I a hipster gamer? :O

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… Easter might not be the best time to go to Australia, everything is closed on Good Friday and some are closed on Easter Sunday / Monday too… Not to mention there are TONS of tourists during this time.

A sea of people heading to and from the Sydney Opera House

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